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The Beach Boys FAQ
by Jon Stebbins.


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… Jon Stebbins has provided a valuable service for anyone who loves, likes, or is simply curious about one of the most complex stories in rock. …an indispensible part of any rock library. …the correctives to the group’s legacy alone are worth the price of admission, providing a balance that is often missed…
Dr. Wesley Britton of

Beach Boys FAQ is an excellent read. The group's rise, fall and rise and nearly every nook and cranny in between is covered in "FAQ." It's written in informative vignettes, so you can dip your toe in a page or two at a time or plunge in headfirst.
Ventura County Star

…Another stellar effort from Mr. Stebbins. Honest, informative and well researched, kudos!
Ken Sharp, Author, Journalist

Nobody shares the Beach Boys insights with the passion of Jon Stebbins… This book has something interesting to say on every page…
Perry D. Cox, Author, Beatles Historian

I couldn't wait for this book….and my expectations for The Beach Boys FAQ were completely met. … it's a compelling read, with Stebbins the scholar and passionate fan sharing his unfiltered opinions on the group's output. It's also a highly useful resource… This is an essential purchase for any fan. I highly recommend it.
Mark Dillon, Author, Rock Journalist

If you're a Beach Boys fan, or if you're at all interested in the history of popular music, you need this book. … I can't think of anything that's left out. Great stuff for browsing, and you'll hear the songs in your head as you read. Highly recommended.
Bill Crider, Pop Culture Magazine

Concisely, this is an essential purchase, not so much BB FAQ as BB 101: buy it, read it and you’ll have a firm grasp of the band’s history and canon. It’s both readable and dippable. Unreservedly recommended.
Andrew G. Doe, Author, Beach Boys Britain

The Beach Boys FAQ is not the dry compendium of facts and lists its generic title suggests. Rather Jon Stebbins is an opinionated, irreverent writer, which may make his book difficult, reading for certain Beach Boys fans… If you don’t mind your idols slightly chipped, Stebbins’s book is an entertaining and often informative read.

Stebbins continuously backs up his opinion with facts and anecdotes that allow readers an in-depth look into one of the greatest bands in the history of rock music….I learned more than I ever thought I would while reading "The Beach Boys FAQ."
Pop Culture Guy

I had an absolute ball reading Jon's latest. He writes with great passion, honest analysis and a wonderful sense of humor. If you haven't got this book, get it. It's something you will read and read again.
Michael Bluth, Brian Wilson message board

We’ve found the perfect bathroom book for Beach Boys fans… The just-published Beach Boys FAQ is what the title says — and more.