Jon Stebbins, author

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The Beach Boys FAQ

All that's left to know about America's Band

Having read some of the other FAQ books I am excited to offer a similar treatment on the Beach Boys. With so much achievement, creativity, controversy, and drama woven through their 50-year history the Beach Boys offer incredibly fertile ground for the FAQ format. And with their wealth of contradictions, extreme highs and lows, artistic triumphs and personal volatility, it would seem natural that a lifelong Beach Boys obsessive such as me, who has seen and heard it all, would be the right person to tackle the job. Just understanding the incredible historical nuances, ever shifting public perceptions of the group, and always evolving factions within the group is a chal­ lenge. I've been managing fairly well as a Beach Boys historian for over a decade, but it's the four-decades long fan in me that constantly wants to dig deeper.

A great rock-and-roll story is a magnet. Without a doubt, the Beach Boys story has one of the strongest pulls of all. With over 120,000,000 in record sales, the Beach Boys have certainly earned the title "America's Band." Their story is worthy of being analyzed, updated, and shared because there are few like it. Through my work I've been lucky enough to have the pleasure of telling various pieces of the Beach Boys story, sharing fresh perspectives and breaking new ground. Along the way I've constantly been editing the Beach Boys FAQ book that lives in my head. Thanks to Backbeat Books and the Hal Leonard Group for giving me the vehicle to give my head a good cleaning out.
- Jon Stebbins