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Iris Marie Stebbins

Iris Marie Stebbins

Livermore has lost a beloved citizen who was also a direct link to the city's earliest days. Iris Marie Stebbins passed away peacefully on the morning of Wednesday July 7, 2004 after a brave three-week battle to overcome complications from heart surgery. A lifelong Livermore resident, Iris was the daughter of Peter and Ida Murray. The Murray family heritage connects to the city of Livermore's first generation of families. Peter held the position of Postmaster in Livermore during the late 1940's while Ida was a well-known area nurse. Iris entered the world on New Years day in 1928 at the old St. Paul's Hospital, and was only the second child born at that facility.



Iris Stebbins and friends, 1940
This photo was taken on the beach of the Pacific in 1944. Iris is center.

Iris graduated from Livermore High School in 1945 and attended San Jose State college. In September of 1947 Iris married Carl C. Stebbins, also of Livermore, and the couple went on to enjoy more than 56 years of happiness together. Carl, like Iris, has a long family history in the Livermore Valley. He is a descendant of the Holm family who were also among Livermore's early settlers. Iris and Carl had three children, Carla Canter of Pinon Hills, California, Tina Barbera of Livermore, and Jon Stebbins of Santa Margarita, California. Iris passed on her love of books and music to her children, as well as her great love of animals and nature. Iris was known as a generous contributor to many animal causes as well as an advocate for the American Heart Association.

For over thirty years, Iris and Carl enjoyed their summer vacations at their cabin on the shore of Lake Almanor in California's Plumas County. There the couple enjoyed significant stretches of time that offered them a relaxing and sunny lifestyle while never straying from their Livermore roots. The couple has maintained the same Livermore residence for over half a century.

Besides her husband and children, Iris is survived by seven grandchildren and many close friends. She will be greatly missed by those of us who experienced her unique personality, her generous spirit, and her compassionate presence. The memories of her wonderful sense of humor as well as the dignity of her being will live on in the hearts of all her loved ones.

Rest in peace mom…We Love You.

by Jon Stebbins
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