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"David Marks, The Lost Beach Boy; an average everyday story of a 14 year old who rode a massive wave to fame with America’s favorite band. Author, Jon Stebbins, has discovered an amazing journey taken by one of the original Beach Boys, who left the beach to experiment with life and death, and lived to play again.

This book will be a visual feast of newly revealed documentation, rare unseen photos, which is set to become one of rock’s most compelling stories.

CSM Productions is headed by UK marketing entrepreneur, Phil Cooper, who has merged the critically acclaimed writing talents of Jon Stebbins, with the jaw-dropping story of a Beach Legend, David Marks.

'David’s perspective insures that the ‘full’ birth of the Beach Boys story is being told for the first time. It will challenge many of the perceptions we previously had of his role in the band, and covers all aspects of a life that encountered despair, addiction and death – yet lived to rejoin the band he walked away from at their initial peak. Jon Stebbins sheds a unique light on the early history of the Beach Boys, and his compelling account uncovers the mystery of how a member of one of music’s greatest institutions became unknown, disconnected, lost and even jailed. Meanwhile, the band his guitar style and California-teen image had helped make famous played to hundreds of thousands without him.'.”

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