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Reviews of "The Lost Beach Boy"

by Jon Stebbins with David Marks

“Marks is one of the last true rock and roll heroes whose story somehow went untold…until now.”
- The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

“Marks’ story, both with and apart from the Wilson/Love clan is an incredible tale…it’s everything a rock book should be.”
Howie Edelson - Launch Radio Networks

“The Lost Beach Boy...shatters the mythology surrounding (David Marks) role in the band. Ultimately, The Lost Beach Boy restores Marks' rightful place in the Beach Boys saga and in the process offers a wealth of fascinating insight into the group's formative years.”
- Ken Sharp - FMQB Retro-Active

“…fascinating, touching, often humorous and at times, heartbreaking. If you think you already know what the real story of the Beach Boys was all about, you are mistaken. Read this book!”
Billy Hinsche – Brian Wilson band/Beach Boys band

“Easily one of the most enjoyable reads on the history of neighbors that would become the Beach Boys. Jon Stebbins' authorship guides David Marks' story through time like an old movie. Nostalgia at its best.”
David Beard - Endless Summer Quarterly

“Of all the various Beach Boys stories, THIS is the one that should be a movie.”
Alan Boyd – Grammy nominated Director/Producer