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How's this for a theory: Every monumental band has to make a human sacrifice to gain immortality. Dig it! The Beatles learned about art and style from Stu Sutcliffe, who dropped dead. The Stones learned about the blues and psychedelia from Brian Jones, who drowned. Pink Floyd discovered its mind-blowing strangeness in Syd Barrett, who blew his own mind. The Sex Pistols had their own Sid, who couldn't find the door fast enough. And the Beach Boys had Dennis Wilson, the group's only actual surfer and its dedicated wild man. Without his exploits -- hangin' with Charlie Manson! -- the shut-in Brian Wilson would not have had any material at all. Beach Boys scholar Jon Stebbins makes the case in a new book called "Dennis Wilson: The Real Beach Boy.'' He'll celebrate with some super-rare film footage at the Roxie tonight. Beach Boys Summer Special, 7 and 9:30 tonight, Roxie Cinema, 3125 16th St., San Francisco. Tickets: $7, (415) 863-1087 or
- San Francisco Chronicle , September 14, 2000

Jon Stebbins & Ed Roach
Photo used by permission © Pam Richmond 2001
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It might be said that Dennis Wilson was to Brian Wilson as Neal Cassady was to Jack Kerouac: That is, Brian wrote about it while Dennis lived it. In his new book, Dennis Wilson: The Real Beach Boy, author Jon Stebbins explores Wilson's life of drugs, alcohol, women, waves, and Charlie Manson. To celebrate the book's release, Stebbins will talk about Wilson and show never-before-seen video footage of the Beach Boys at work and play; live musical interpretations of the band's classic tunes will be performed by the Bouncedowns. The show is on Thursday, Sept. 14, at the Roxie Cinema (3117 16th St.) at 7 and 9:30 p.m. Admission is $7; call 431-3611.
- House of Tudor,, September 12, 2000

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Eddie Roach, Les Chan & Jon at the Roxie Theater
Eddie Roach, Les Chan & Jon
Roxie Theater

Jon signing books at the Roxie Theater
Signing books at the Roxie Theater