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Reviews of The Point

Newspaper scan of "The Point", Jon, Tom, Greg and Mike


Radlab Records
Distributed by Mystic Records
6277 Selma Ave.
Hollywood, CA 90028.

reviewed by Anne-Marie Bates

Four talented young men who style themselves as “the Byrds of punk rock:” Greg Edwards, bass, vocals; Mike Alford, drums; Tom Alford, guitar, vocals and -Jon Stebbins, guitar, vocals - this is Alford’s accurate description of THE POINT. a neo-psychedelic rock band from Livermore, California. For connoisseurs of the San Francisco sound, this record is a must it you want- proof that it’s still very much alive and happening. No stranger to tlre L.A. club circult, THE POINT have appeared at several successful loCal performances. Now they have been immortalized on a unique, 10-inch white vinyl EP on their own label, “Badlab Records,” yet another experimental package from Hollywood’s Mystic studios. ColIectors will want to grab this disc while they can still get copies. Musically, the band is suave and professional; their Sound several notches above the garage level, but more reminiscent of the mid psychedelic folk -rock idiom than usual. Exhilirating organic guitar rifts weave around humorously romantic lyrics. Song titles are: “Like Animals,” a Love-flavored tripOut, “I Don’t Wanna Go!!,” “Rocket Race,” which contains a trace of real rockabilly, and “No Desire.”

Wow! How about a GENTLE punk band that can actually play their instruments appealingly and sing in harmony! Versatility and purity of expression capsulizes forthright, youthful emotions and make THE POINT well worth your listening time. Their delightful record is a testimonial on the current state of California rock ‘n’ roll. It deserves quality promotion, distribution and some radio time. I hope the DJs splice some minutes into their 10-selection tapes to give THE POINT a chance to acquire an audience and assert that not all “punk rock” is nihilism and violence!

Who said that?

Blitz Magazine – March – April 1982
The Santa Monica based Point has made one of the year’s most impressive debuts with a four-track, ten inch white vinyl EP on their own Radlab label, with a sound alluding to such noble inspirations as the Beefeaters, Monkees, and Neal Ford and the Fanatics…
Original review written by Mike McDowell

L.A. Times - September 19,1982
The Point is a Livermore group that’s relocated to L.A. and released a four-track, 10 inch white vinyl EP on Radlab. It’s a surprisingly strong piece of modern pop craftsmanship. Combining crystalline guitars and gently earnest vocals, the band has purity of intent that recalls the haunting resonance of pre-psychedelic Northern California groups like the Beau Brummels…The songs range from “Like Animals” with a shifting structure reminiscent of Love, to the rockabilly tinged “Rocket Race”...
Original review written by Craig Lee

Music Connection Magazine – December 9, 1982
’82 Critics PicksMusic connection reviewers critiqued nearly 300 bands playing in L.A. this year…we present some of our favorites this year…The Point described as “cool, neo-psychedelic pop”, The Point is more like an accessible version of Dire Straits. Cool jazz guitar riffs between smooth danceable rock melodies with an esoteric, definitely-not-pop appeal.
Original review written by Eddie J. Williams

L.A. Weekly – December 10, 1982
The Point recall the Beau Brummels in their blend of 60’s-tinged reverberating guitars and harmonies…one of L.A.’s best underground bands…Music Connection Magazine – December 8, 1983

1983 “Pick Of The Players” pollThe voting is finished and the results of Music Connection’s 5 th Annual “Pick Of The Players” poll are in…

1.The Minutemen
2.Armored Saint
3.The Plugz
4.Tex & the Horseheads
5.Red Kross
6. The Long Ryders
7. Red Hot Chili Peppers
8.The Wild Cards
9.The Point
10.White Sister

Honorable Mention -
Los Lobos, W.A.S.P., Circle Jerks, Screaming Sirens, Social Distortion, The Marsupials